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Imaginary Windows

May 18, 2017
The Imaginary Windows  educational program is based on the exhibition, Multidimensional Rudolf Khachatryan. The program is designed for teens and students. 

18.05.2017 - International Museum Day
14:00 Student program

20.05.2017 - Museum Night
11:00 - Teen program
15:30 - Student program

Based on the work, By the Window, displayed as part of the exhibition Multidimensional Rudolf Khachatryan, the program aims at presenting Rudolf Khachatryan as an artist with multidimensional vision of the Universe, and secondly, in relation with the theme of the International Museum Day and the main subject of the work, discuss window  as a wide-spread motif in painting throughout the course of art history, with a focus on featuring a window as a gateway between inside and outside, self and the society, told and untold. One of the main objectives of the program is also to develop students’ observational skills, stimulate engagement and critical thinking. 

The program is composed of two stages:
Students will be involved in observation of the work and discussion about the theme of the window, making connections with other well-known artworks featuring windows. Also, parallels will be run in the development of the concept of windows in the sphere of Information Technologies, such as the Microsoft Windows Operating System, which allows controlling computer hardware and processing information through different windows on the computer screen, where the screen itself is a window to the virtual world.
Creative Workshop
Following the discussion in the exhibition gallery, students, based on the work By the Window, will be asked to create their own stories making collages or paintings. 

Participation is free of charge with prior registration. 

For information please call (+37410) 54 19 32/34.

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