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Encounter with the Book

January 10, 2017
Featuring the exhibition, Grigor Khanjyan: Beyond Image, the educational program aims at presenting the illustrated book as an art form, inspire a love and appreciation to reading in children, raise the importance of the physical book in a digital era. During the program participants will learn fundamental bookmaking vocabulary and techniques, design and make their own books, as well as get familiarized with the physical production of the book in a printing house. 

The program is designed for public schools of all grades in cooperation with students of the Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts. 

Workshops: Each week two school groups will participate in the program, during which they will be introduced to Grigor Khanjyan’s heritage in book illustration, getting familiarized with the Book: its physical and intellectual content.  

The second part of the workshop will continue in a library environment at CCA’s Interactive Study Center. Each session will feature a selected poem or story by famous Armenian writer Hovhannes Tumanyan, corresponding to the curriculum of the engaged school class. Children will participate in interactive storytelling, followed by a book-making workshop, during which they will learn some paper engineering techniques, design and make their own illustrated accordion books. As part of the program, students from the Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts will participate as graphic instructors, who will also work on the design of the printed version of the final book.

Visit to Printing House: Each Saturday participant school groups for the week will be encouraged to visit a printing house, accompanied by their teachers/parents and CCA representatives, where they will be introduced to the production of books and experiment with printmaking tools and techniques.

Publication of a book:  The program culmination will be the publication of a small edition of a book, featuring the workshop-related works by Hovhannes Tumanyan with illustrations of participant children and engaged students’ design. Also, a small number of books will be presented to regional school libraries as CCA’s outreach effort. 

Participation in the program is free, with prior reservation. For more information please call: +37410 541932/34.

Program sponsor is Beeline Armenia
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